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RoboNDT at the Kuka in-house trade fair iimotion days 2019 in Augsburg

08.08.2019 – At the two-day Kuka in-house exhibition iimotion days in Augsburg, Boll Automation GmbH in cooperation with Automation W+R GmbH presented the collaborative robot RoboNDT – a mobile system for collaborative air ultrasonic testing of fiber-reinforced plastics.

The RoboNDT convinces by:

-location- and component-flexible applicability

-Partial automation of the inspection process through the combination of innovative air-ultrasonic inspection and MRK robotics

-Automated classification of detected defects from ultrasonic data


The system is based on an LBR iiwa and uses a 3D sensor for the scanning process, as well as a newly developed air-ultrasonic sensor for the inspection process.

The deployment of RoboNDT consists of five steps:

1. Manual positioning of the system in front of the test object
2. 3D scan of the test object. For this, the first scan positions are taught by the operator by pre-make. The 3D scan is performed in a measuring run based on the taught-in measuring positions.
3. Trajectory generation for the inspection process based on the 3D scan
4. Execution of the automatic air ultrasonic inspection
5. classification of the defects detected in the ultrasonic data

The companies Boll Automation and Automation W+R GmbH, as members of the Autision Group, combine robotics, machine vision and metrology and thus offer comprehensive expertise.