Autoflux® Cracklight

In magnetic particle inspection or penetrant testing, blue LED light significantly improves defect detection

Blue light as a solution for crack testing

Using blue light to illuminate parts during crack detection eliminates numerous disadvantages of the method which previously seemed unavoidable:



The Advantages of Autoflux® Cracklight

The test booth is much cooler as a result, reducing operator fatigue. The significantly cooler hands of the inspection personnel in particular receive very positive feedback. Portable, battery-powered operation becomes a possibility. Integrating the extraordinarily durable and robust system into any testing process is correspondingly easy and fast.

In addition to all of these advantages, the crack testing results – manual or automated – are also significantly improved in comparison to conventional systems. See for yourself, ideally during a no-obligation crack detection workshop.

Cooler test cells

Personnel do not tire

No protective clothing


You want to check surfaces safely and automatically?

Contact us to find specific solutions for your company. In the last 40 years we have solved many more tasks than we can list here.


Depending on the method and the material being tested, the test part is wetted with a magnetised (MT) or unmagnetised (PT) fluorescent testing agent, which accumulates along any invisible cracks which may be present. Then the Autoflux® Cracklight system illuminates the treated part without using dangerous UV radiation. The fluorescent crack detection medium is excited optimally by the blue light, and contrast is in fact even improved significantly. The Autoflux® Cracklight is available from Automation W+R GmbH in a stationary version and in a battery operated portable light version for manual inspections. Our automated crack detection systems use this highly reliable method as well.

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The Autoflux® Cracklight system is available in several versions to meet the different crack detection requirements:

Portable Autoflux® Cracklight:

Battery operated inspection lamp. With a weight of only approx. 750 grams and a power consumption of 20 watts, the system can be used for portable flux crack detection with a runtime of up to three hours. Meets DIN EN 62471/2. IP65 protection rating. The portable system allows for easy inspection of larger parts such as steel beams, etc.

Stationary Autoflux® Cracklight:

Uniform illumination for manual workstations, with a power consumption of just 50 watts. A work area of approx. 20×40 cm is illuminated with a power of up to 100 W/m² for crack detection. Meets DIN EN 62471/1. Protection class: IP 54


Fully automated crack detection: Autoflux® Cracklight
The parts to be inspected are sorted, magnetised and treated with testing media (fluxed) in an enclosed robotic handling system. This is followed by fully automated crack detection using a camera and image processing software. The parts are sorted into OK / NOK and output separately. A typical application for this system is the manufacturing of safety-critical forged parts, e.g. for the automotive industry. Many of our customers also have additional inspections, such as geometry or surface inspections, seamlessly integrated into this automated testing process.

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