Surface Inspection

With automated in-house surface inspection systems, you install increased quality at lower cost.

The Core Competence of Automation W+R

Surface inspection has been our business from the very beginning – and this is indeed an exception compared to the majority of our competitors. Our competence portfolio in this area therefore includes, in addition to the topics listed, something else in particular that is especially valuable for you as a customer: a great deal of experience, right down to the details.

Steelinspect 3D

Steelinspect 3D can inspect hot surfaces up to over 1200° C. Steelinspect 3D thus enables surface inspection on continuous castings for the first time. Compared to conventional 2D surface inspections, Steelinspect 3D additionally detects and evaluates the depth of defects in the steel.
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Sensior® is a fully automated test cell that performs automated surface and dimensional inspection for rotationally symmetrical castings.
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Surface inspection of flat parts such as sheet metal stampings for scratches, impact marks, scoring, contamination, etc. is faster and more reliable than before with Advic®. Unit costs are reduced, while quality is demonstrably increased. These are critical competitive factors, especially for stamped parts. The system is of course designed for operation in a 3-shift system.
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Autoflux® Cracklight

UV radiation is replaced by blue LED light, significantly improving defect detection.
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