Steelinspect 3D

Steelinspect® 3D inspects hot steel using three dimensional surface reconstruction. Surface defects are detected reliably within the process. At the same time, the area and depth of the defects are measured precisely.


Steelinspect® 3D solves different major problems in surface inspection of hot steel:

Steelinspect 3D can inspect hot surfaces up to over 1200° C. Steelinspect 3D thus makes surface inspection on continuous casting possible for the first time. This means that the hot continuous casting surface can be monitored, which was not possible before. The earlier defects are detected in steel production, the lower the subsequent costs.

Furthermore, defects can be tracked with Steelinspect 3D Mobil across different process steps to explore their effects. The efficiency of the continuous casting and rolling process can be sustainably improved on the basis of the data and findings obtained in this way.

Torch Cutting inside of steel  plant

Measure into the depth of the hot steel

  • Compared to conventional 2D surface inspections, Steelinspect 3D additionally records and evaluates the depths of the defects in the steel. Steelinspect 3D uses depth information to fundamentally reform the classification process, which up to now has usually been time-consuming and error-prone, based solely on the 2D contrast properties of the defects.

The sometimes considerable pseudo-defect rate during 2D inspection is thus reduced to a minimum. Even elevations such as overlying scale can be clearly distinguished from rolled-in or broken-out scale.

  • Profile information such as oscillation marks or retractions can be accurately measured with Steelinspect 3D.

You want to check surfaces safely and automatically?

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Steelinspect® 3D uses three dimensional image capture to inspect strip and rolled steel: A laser line is projected onto the hot surface. It’s course is tracked and recorded by a high speed camera. The movements of the line on the steel are used to reconstruct a fully three dimensional, digital model of the hot surface. Material speeds typically range from 1m/min to 20m/s and higher. Multiple Steelinspect® 3D inspection heads can easily be placed in series for flat steel products.

The VisionCheck software by Automation W+R automatically evaluates the recorded surface profiles of the material being inspected. Defects such as cracks, oscillation marks, entrainments and inclusions are detected reliably. The captured raw data of the surfaces is stored and can be reviewed or analysed further later, in order to optimise the system by modifying parameters.

steelinspect 2
hot steel on conveyor


Steelinspect® 3D is used for process optimisation at various locations, from the continuous casting line to the rolling mill. The system can be used for the inspection of all surfaces in steel production. Ingot slabs, billets, heavy plates, pipes, wire and profiles can be inspected. In addition to cracks and edge defects, the system also detects and measures defects such as inclusions, oscillation marks and periodical defects in the steel.