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As the sole shareholder and CEO of Automation W+R GmbH, I would like to tell you about our strategy.

We are part of a group of medium-sized companies, Autision Group GmbH, and supply automated inspection systems. Our group of companies supplies robotics, machine vision and optical measuring technology under a common umbrella. Our core area of expertise lies in the integration of automation & vision, hence the name: Autision.

Use our solutions to ensure process optimization through automation with a high and consistent level of quality. Attract and retain customers in the global competitive environment through the unique selling point of your product quality. Not only does this allow you to lower costs, it also means that you can assign your valuable skilled employees to tasks which aren’t as monotonous or downright dangerous. And this will allow you to secure a significant increase in profits over your competition.

Everything from a single source: robotics, measurement technology and surface inspection

Tradition has to start somewhere. Founded in 1978, we now have over 100 employees throughout Europe. With the Autision Group GmbH group of companies, we combine robotics, measurement technology and surface inspection. This is what our milestones looked like:


Expansion of the Chinese service staff and the Chinese sales partner network.


Successful positioning of MIG/MAG weld inspection at automotive OEMs.


We have expanded our production capacities with the Munich-Bergkirchen site with approx. 4000 sqm.


Automation W+R's innovation "Safe recognition of welding and soldering seams with artificial intelligence" is awarded the AAE Innovation Star 2019. It will be awarded by the OEM experts at Automotive Engineering Expo 2019, the international trade fair for specialist engineers from the automotive and supplier industries, for particularly pioneering concepts with multidisciplinary approaches.


Automation W+R GmbH celebrates its 40th anniversary. In August 2018, Rixen Cableway GmbH was acquired by Dr. Richard Söhnchen as part of an asset deal. Innovative project for the foundry "Automated fettling of castings with upstream contour detection".


Further expansion of the premises in Messerschmittstraße, Munich.


Strong growth in the combination of robotics, machine vision and optical metrology and a new record year. Partnership agreement with Kocks for the steel sector.


Establishment of employees in China to strengthen our local service and sales presence. Worldwide rollout of our inspection systems for weld seam inspection in over 10 automotive plants. Robiscan and bonNDTinspect each receive an Innovation Award from a panel of OEMs at the Automotive Engineering Expo (AEE). Nomination for the German Occupational Safety Award 2015 for the Winspect solution.


Addition of measuring technology applications to our inspection and robotics portfolio.


Spin-off of several subsidiaries and founding of a branch in Austria.


Established as a leading company in the field of machine vision through the integration of Boll Automation GmbH.


First automated system in the world for combined crack and 3D surface inspection. With over 35 % growth in 2010 and successful completion of the research projects in the fields of thermography and inspection of composite materials, we continue to successfully strengthen our market position in the field of automatic surface inspection.


Construction of the first system for robot-guided inspection systems together with Boll Automation GmbH.


Automation W+R GmbH celebrates 30 year anniversary: Starting with real-time control software in 1978. We developed patents jointly with SGL-Carbon and Audi for inspection of the carbon-ceramic brake disk.


Inspection of all car brake disks at Daimler AG using Sensior® Disk. Reference report in Daimler Supplier Magazine.


New company head office on Messerschmittstraße with 50 % more space. Registering of several patents in the area of surface inspection.


Innovation partner of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Labour. Investment by BayBG to promote growth.


150 automated inspection systems in use around the world, primarily for safety-critical parts subject to mandatory documentation requirements. Systems installed in India and China.


Market launch: Automatic surface inspection of free-form shapes.


Development of system solutions for automatic crack detection in forging and steel production environments: 1st delivery to the USA.


Delivery of automated inspection systems for a wide range of materials: Steel, graphite, ceramics and plastics.


Introduction of the modular image processing software Visioncheck® for surface inspection.


First fully automatic system solution including part handling for the inspection of safety-critical parts.


First automated inspection system with image processing for automotive suppliers. Patenting of automated surface inspection method.


Founding of AUTOMATION W+R GmbH consulting and system development in the field of automation and real time programming.