Robomill wins handling award 2018

11.10.2018 – The Robomill system has been awarded the prestigious handling award 2018 by WEKA BUSINESS MEDIEN GmbH. During this year’s award ceremony in Stuttgart, the prize was ceremoniously presented to the Managing Director of Boll Automation GmbH, Mr. André Peters.

The Robomill system enables for the first time the efficient automation of a polishing and machining process without CAD data. The programming is implemented by teaching-by-demonstration with a MRK robot (human-robot collaboration). In short: the human leads, the robot follows.

The work process that follows the programming, which can take up to several hours, is carried out by the Robomill system. The operator does not need to have any programming knowledge. Robomill is particularly suitable for very small batch sizes down to batch size 1. A safety concept specially designed for the user also makes it possible to operate the system without any separating protective devices, even while the machining process is being carried out.

Until now, surface machining of molds or tools was usually still done manually. Robomill relieves the workers from tool vibrations and stressful postures. It thus prevents the resulting health complaints. The system also creates a major time advantage through uninterrupted use and faster response to customer requests and process changes. It also provides a quality advantage through consistent process quality despite varying initial situations, as well as a faster response capability through in-house processes of polishing and machining.

MRK Robomill: Man and Robot – The Best of Both Worlds. Robomill combines the experience and flexibility of the employee with the accuracy and endurance of the robot.