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Online seminar “Humans go first, robots follow”.

Take part virtually in our free online seminar.

The collaborative Robomill was designed by Boll Automation in Kleinwallstadt, Germany, to revolutionize surface finishing, one of the most important quality indicators in mold and tool making.
In human-robot collaboration (MRC), humans work directly with robots. It combines the strengths of the human and the robot.
It efficiently automates polishing operations that were previously done manually, down to small batch size 1.

If you are interested in surface finishing in mold and tool making, then you must not miss our Robomill seminar. Here you will get all the important information.

Register now for free on our website via the contact form and get exclusive access to our seminar recording, which you can watch at any time.

Learn how we can improve your production with our revolutionary Robomill.


-Compact robot systems, integrated into the human environment
-Fast adaptability to new tasks, locations, processes
-Easy operation, acceptance and attractiveness for employees
-Ergonomic workplaces under humanized working conditions
-Cost savings and improved quality
-Improved CO2 balance due to reduced energy consumption

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